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GOTEK I Plunger

Plunger lift operations are plagued by a lack of data and Operational Personnel cannot easily optimize wells using only surface data.  With the GOTEK I Plunger, your Optimization Team can get an accurate assessment of the well's performance and quickly make operational changes to improve production.

We provide analysis and training to help you improve the performance of your well.  To date, in virtually all cases, where the I Plunger has been employed production and operational efficiency have been improved.

Tool Specifications

Design Parameters
Diameter 1.890 inches
Length 16.500 inches
Weight 8 pounds
Sensor Type Piezo-Resistive
Range 0 to 5000 psia
Accuracy 0.05% Full Scale
Drift Less than 5 psi/year
Range 0 to 125°C
Accuracy ±1.0°C
Power C Cell Lithium Battery
Battery Life Depends on Temperature

Powerful Analysis Software

GOTEK's powerful Data Visualization and Analysis Software helps you get the most out of your well. It's easy to use, and we'll get you up and running fast.

  • Typical Shuttle Cycle
  • Typical Shuttle Cycle Down
  • Typical Shuttle Cycle Down Hits Fluid Up
  • Typical Shuttle Cycle Up
  • Typical Shuttle Cycle Velocity Up